Nice to meet you!


A little bit about me, I was born on the south coast of New South Wales in a rural community where my family have been dairy farmers for generations.  There is nothing better for my soul than returning to our family farm and going for a run through the hills and I will always have a fondness for hay bails and dairy cows.

I am tall on purpose. Growing up as the middle daughter in a family of five girls at a time when mothers dressed their children in matching outfits, I was always looking for the point of difference.  At the age of 12 I prayed, ‘God when I grow up I want to be 6 foot tall.’ It was a quiet little prayer and back then 6 foot just seemed like a nice even number. A few years and some intense growing pains later I realized God is interested in even the tiny details of our lives and He answers our prayers. I am six feet tall exactly.

I am committed to freedom. People are amazing! We weren’t created to just exist but to live life in abundance. The more widely I travel the more I am convinced there is more that unites us than separates us. Underneath our skin we are just not that different and at their core the challenges we face are same.  We all face setbacks and obstacles but in the midst of them we are not helpless. We can overcome. We can be free. 

Thank you for joining me.  We will bring such strength to each other as we travel together on this journey to freedom.